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Snowshoeing at Rowen Adventures

For those looking for a fun, low-impact workout, this popular and affordable winter sport could be just right for you and your family. Snowshoeing provides significant health benefits such as:

· Exceptional cardiovascular workout – burn up to 800 calories per hour!

· Low-impact muscle building

· Balance strengthening and agility

· Improves your sense of well-being by connecting you to nature.

Rowen Adventures is stocked with 2 adult and 2 child size snowshoes for complimentary use by our guests. Pictured below are the snowshoes mounted on the wall near the wood stove.

Below are the snowshoe sizes available at Rowen Adventures:

Snowshoeing allows you to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. Even on the coldest winter days you will find plenty of shelter from the wind within a short distance. Below is a map that shows where we like to explore with our family. You will find it easy to navigate through the trees in this area and it also provides many nice views of the Red Deer River along the journey.

Prepping for Your Snowshoeing Adventure

There are some important details to think about when it comes to snowshoeing, especially if you are a beginner. Make sure to pick the right kind of footwear to go on top of your snowshoes - a pair of comfortable waterproof boots are a great choice. Other than boots, all you need is outer wear that is fit for the current weather conditions.

There many natural wonders near Rowen Adventures to snowshoe and explore. We are happy to provide you with any local information possible to ensure your stay is a success. Below is a view from high within the Pasquia Hills, located just north of Hudson Bay.

We hope you enjoy your snowshoeing adventure!

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