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Light a bonfire at Rowen Adventures

As a species we love fire. It’s built into our DNA. This love affair with fire is understandable as it has been instrumental in aiding in human evolution and also because of the associated health benefits.

Research carried out by Dr Lynn, a professor at the University of Alabama, showed that people who were subjected to both the sight and sounds of a hearth fire or campfire experienced a significant drop in blood pressure, which was greater the longer they were exposed to it. He also suggested that “such fireside relaxation may be enhanced in social settings".

Below is a picture from a family reunion we hosted at Rowen Adventures during July of 2022. At night we utilized Rowen Adventures “blue tooth boom box / karaoke machine” (with included microphone) and took turns singing songs around the fire. It was very entertaining and so much fun!!

Getting outside in the fresh air has a many benefits. There is more oxygen outdoors which helps to clear out the lungs and increases the amount of oxygen in the blood. Increased oxygen means the heart doesn’t have to work so hard and therefore heart rate slows and blood pressure lowers.

Below is a picture of another fire we had during 2022. We placed a combination of a 4” long copper pipe stuffed with some old garden hose to experience some new fire colors. Pretty neat!

There’s always plenty of birch firewood available to light a fire while at Rowen Adventures. We purchase a permit from the Ministry of Environment Field Office located in Hudson Bay for approximately $20. This allows us to cut and harvest firewood legally from the Porcupine Provincial Forest for one year. The last two years we have cut approximately 2 cords of wood per year for use at Rowen Adventures. We pack a lunch and make a good day of driving out into the forestry to cut birch firewood for Rowen Adventures. You will see stacked firewood from outside the porch window.

What about a outdoor fire in the winter time? Heck yes!! There's nothing better than sitting outside by the fire on a nice winter day. We have spent many great afternoons sitting outside around the fire with friends and family.

The fire pit works well as a home base for the adults, while kids naturally tend to use the tree house that’s close by for their home base. The tree house is located just far enough away for the kids to yell and howl as they like without upsetting the parents at the fire pit, but still allowing the parents to keep a eye on the kids. The tree house is located just west of the trailer behind the red shed, inside a small pocket of poplar trees.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Rowen Adventures!

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