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Hiking at Rowen Adventures

Rowen Adventures sits on 55 acres of land and hosts over 3.5km of maintained hiking trails. The trails are maintained from early spring through until later fall time.

Unwind: Listen to the birds and the sound of passing water on the Red Deer River — guaranteed to lower stress levels.

Energize: A walk in the woods can help alleviate mental fatigue and promote creative thinking. Research shows that spending time outdoors may increase your attention span and creative problem-solving skills by as much as 50%.

Be social: Hitting the trails with family and friends is a great way to spend time together and forge bonds while getting a little exercise!

Below is a picture of the trail entrance located near the cabin.

Below is a picture of the trail where to travels through patch of fern plants. You will see many ferns throughout the property located close to the river.

Our dog, Arthur, loves going for off leash walks on the trails. Its his favorite!!

Near the west side of the property, there is location that provides easy river access. We recommend using this location to spend some time exploring the riverbanks, or to see how far you can successfully skip a stone. You may also see or hear an occasional walleye fish swim near by.

Below you will see how to properly skip a stone. Looks like a successful toss 😊

At this location in May of 2022, I saw a bull elk take a drink of water from the river along the west bank. The elk didn’t hear me walking on the trail (because my kids weren’t along 😊) so I was able to get a good long look before he noticed me and immediately darted away out of sight. This was a meaningful personal experience for myself, and I hope visitors to Rowen Adventures will have the opportunity to share similar experiences.

Below is a deer we see regularly along the trail.

We hope you enjoy your hike at Rowen Adventurers.

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