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Sunset in the Woods

Cross Country Skiing is a great winter sport that challenges your balance, coordination and builds muscles and endurance in your whole body. It does this through movement that is gentle and limits impact on joints. If you can walk you can Cross Country ski.

If you are interested in learning more about Cross country skiing, I will be hosting a series of classes through the winter. 

Cross Country Skiing - learn to enjoy our Saskatchewan winters.


The Rowen Adventures Story

The road to discovery

Rowen Adventures was founded in 2021 in White City, Saskatchewan, when Rochelle Beaujot and Owen Kinch started thinking about what makes them most happy in life. We have always been passionate about getting outside and exploring the world around us, finding pleasure in the every day activities that are available to us. This is our goal for all our outdoor classes and adventures, introducing people to new things they have never tried before or old things they lost touch with, being caught in the busy routines of every day life. 

Staying active is important and exploring for as long as we can keeps us youthful and energized. In order to stay active we need to ensure we are healthy and care for our bodies minds and souls in any way we can. That is where our fitness classes come into the picture, allowing us to have the bodies we need to explore the world around us. 

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